Are my valuables safe and how are they monitored?

Our locker systems are constructed from particularly robust COR-TEN steel and are equipped with certified metal locker modules. In addition, our service staff is present throughout the opening hours, which will always keep an eye on the BOXes.

How do I get my locker key?

Tell our crew on-site either your booking number, which you received after order completion and successful payment by mail or your name. Present your ID card to compare the data and deposit 10 Euro for the key, which you will get back when you return the locker key. Please note that the locker key is issued only to the tenant of the locker. If you, for example, order for a friend a locker, then you have to enter your friend as the tenant of the locker in the online order process.

Can I share a locker with my friends?

Yes, but note that the locker key is issued due to liability and insurance reasons only to the tenant of the locker upon presentation of the identity card. Even in the case of loss of the key, the locker is opened by us only if the tenant of the locker is present.

What happens, if I do not pick up my things?

If you do not pick it up, you have to bear the costs for the return. In addition, we charge a flat-rate processing fee of EUR 30.00. The processing fee and the shipping costs are due immediately as an advance payment.

Can I charge multiple devices at the same time?

The simultaneous charging of several devices in the lockers L and M is generally not allowed, because the sockets are limited to 15 watts. If you still connect a multiple plug, the fuses jump out and there is no power available. In the high-voltage lockers you can charge multiple devices at the same time, as long as you do not exceed the 90 watts.

What do I have to bring with me to charge my devices?

Each locker is equipped with a normal 230 V household socket (Type F). So you need the charging cable for the corresponding device (mobile phone, tablet or camera battery), which is equipped with a power plug for sockets. Please note, however, that the sockets in the M and L lockers  are limited to 15 watts and the high-voltage lockers are limited to 90 watts.